Best Accredited Architectural Organizations Of Asia

Thailand’s architecture is well-known for its stunning landscapes, fascinating culture, crafts, intricate artwork and stunning palaces and temples. This rich and diverse culture is reflected in its architecture that includes both Thai traditional architectural styles and western influences. Architectural architecture in Thailand illustrates both the prevalent climate of the countryas well as its rapid growth in population, as well as its traditional values of culture.

In recent years, a number of prominent Thai architecture companies such as junsekino and kampus have designed projects that combine traditional rural materials with modern design to produce distinctive structures at every level from the house to the office. These projects are a testament to artistic integrity and offer an environment that is supportive for both traditional and new industries. It is a unique blend of old and contemporary and creates a sense of mixing traditional Thai art with contemporary design principles. The following are some of the most well-known architecture firms in Bangkok that have gained international recognition and a good reputation:

EYELISS founded in 1963, EYELISS has become one of the top firms in Bangkok with its renowned projects, including the Grand Palace and Bangkok University buildings. This company offers a wide array of services in the areas of exterior, interior and architecture. EYELISS was founded by Erawan Phu, a legendary Thai architect. The award-winning company is adept in incorporating the aesthetics of Thai architecture into both residential and non-residential structures. The EYELISS architecture in Bangkok have won numerous awards including the prestigious Royal Institute of Architects Bangkok awards.

ARCHOBIC It is a renowned provider of residential properties in Bangkok offering a full range of luxury homes, premier serviced apartments and townhouses. This company is based on an architectural style and offers commercial and residential properties of unmatched quality. This award-winning firm is involved in the development of both residential and non-residential properties. The architecture of the buildings are backed by creative and technologically driven ideas. ARCHOBIC’s interior designers use innovative methods to create the interiors.

ARCHROMASTA was established in 1970, Archromasta is one of the most prominent real estate agents in Bangkok offering residential properties. They provide a wide range of residential properties, offices, shopping centers commercial spaces and industrial units. This award-winning company offers architectural services like design and planning, construction and renovation, interior decoration and landscaping and even finishing. The architect’s imaginative thinking is imbibed in all the projects carried out by this firm. Every project is completed to the highest standards of quality.

ARKADI abbreviation for architects in training. ARKADI stands for architects who have passed the final round ARKAD qualification exam. ARKADI’s main goal is to produce competent professionals who can create the most efficient master plans for any type project. architecture The primary goal of ARKADI is to create young competent architects who can excel in the field.

THAI CHEUNG – Thaiccheunthaya’s directors, THAI CHEUNG is another award-winning company in Bangkok. Their primary goal is to create dynamic and creative architects who can create master plans for different projects. They combine traditional Thai architectural styles with western design to create stunning architecture. Thaiccheunthaya is the largest administrative center of Thailand and it is situated in Bangkok.

WAT CHAKRA MAOHA – acronym for Wat Chakra Maosha’s directors, WAT CHAKRA MAOHA, is an award-winning group of architects as well as Thai constructors. It was founded by Thanetee Erawan in 1963 and aims to build temples, residential buildings, and grand palaces. It is located in Bangkok. The designs are traditional in nature that incorporate natural metals, stones wood, ceramics, natural plant life and rice terraces. They strive to promote harmony between people, nature, and God.